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    A SD-RAM in Kolkata

    512mb sdram probably max available. i have one spare.
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    Socket 939 motherboard required.

    i am also from kolkata and selling a MSI Flaship borad K8N Neo2 Platinum at 1000/-
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    Xfx 8600 Gt 256 DDR3

    RS.1500 for 8600.................. absurd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Socket 939 motherboard required.

    any one interested........................???????????????????????????
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    Adsl modem

    pl update your status......................
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    Socket 939 motherboard required.

    i have one 939 socket mobo for sale
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    Adsl modem

    i have one bsnl modem want to depart at rs.500/- + p&t registered parcel at rs.100/-
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    Seagate Baraccuda 200GB SATA internal HDD

    what happened??? pm sent 19/4, till now no reply
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    Western Digital 1TB SATA internal HDD

    interested, sent pm
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    HAF X and Asus P7P55D

    yes we have to visit sales tax office before the consignment arrives, for form32 clearance. (Genarally done by agents at a payment.) first let us finalise deal tehn i will look into it.
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    HAF X and Asus P7P55D

    interested in the mobo, but i hope price is negotiable, from kolkata.
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    Processor, GFX, RAM, Monitor and others for sale

    intersted in 512 mb ddr1
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    Used motherboard for P4 3.0 GHZ processor.

    one intel 865gbf available.
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    wanted: intel CPU SOCKET 775

    NO no i wnat the intel socket so that i can replace the faulty sockets, now faulty socket s are easily removed at delhi.
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    wanted: intel CPU SOCKET 775

    i require intel CPU SOCKET 775 -10 pcs as 3 of my mobos pin has gone faulty.
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