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    ~150cc Bike Purchase - Advice

    thanks for the input. I've heard that TVS service centers are hard to find. Bajaj, OTOH, even a guy sitting in the open, under a tree can fix :D that makes me a little hesitant in going with the Apache Also how do the two fare in terms of mileage? Ride comfort between the two [my height being...
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    ~150cc Bike Purchase - Advice

    ~150cc Bike Purchase - Advice Hi, I'm looking to buy a bike with an engine in the 150cc range. I'd mostly be using the bike for short-medium haul travel within the city itself Want the bike the have just the lil' hint of bling, not too much. Hence I'm not including Yamaha's FZ-* bikes [too...
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    IBALL SLIDE i9702

    unless iball cuts the price of the i9702, it wll see the last of its sales in a few weeks time. iBerry has just announced a Quad-core [1.6GHz], Mali GPU tablet with 9.7" IPS display & 2 GB of RAM running 4.2, priced at 15.9K
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    Second-Hand iPad Or New Galaxy Tab 2?

    is there any way i can confirm, myself, if the battery is working fine? a-raam The Nexus 7 is a 7" device. I want something larger. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm coming around to the view that a second-hand iPad would be an ideal choice for my...
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    Second-Hand iPad Or New Galaxy Tab 2?

    being the Mod, it counts as two votes @amjath price of 24K not worth paying for the tablet, considering its intended use: 1-2 hours every 2/3 days I would have liked something within 15K, but I am ready to shell out 5K extra for assurance of good build quality, that a tablet from a big company...
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    Second-Hand iPad Or New Galaxy Tab 2?

    but it is only 7.9", no? As explained i want something with a larger screen size
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    Nvidia giving out free FPS Metro 2033 keys on Facebook

    Nvidia giving out free Metro 2033 keys on Facebook | News | PC Gamer if it does not work, then log into FB and click on the URL below. You'll have to like the pag that appears after which the key will be revealed. Game is on Steam AFAIK
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    Second-Hand iPad Or New Galaxy Tab 2?

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a tablet. I have given myself a budget of 20,000 preferably less. I presently own a desktop and a company-issued laptop, so I don't see myself using the Tablet too much. I actually want to buy a tablet for my parents, because it breaks my heart to watch them...
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    Suggest a tab under 10k with following req.

    Tech2 noted that Wammy Desire's screen display ripples if you tap at the back of the tablet. The same problem was encountered in the Athena too If you pay 500 extra you can get the Desire with 1024px resolution BREAKING NEWS: 10" tablets with dual-core processors have nearly-broken the...
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    Suggest A good UPS

    Thanks @topgear I just bought the APC 600 VA [360W] UPS today. It cost me 2200 bucks. But I also sold him my old UPS for 200 bucks & also a 15" CRT monitor for 500 bucks So in essence i got it for 1500. Not complaining :D @CyberKID You posted at 4:30 today. I left home at around 4:00 :( Will...
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    Suggest A good UPS

    GPU - HD5770 CPU - Athlon II X4 620 (2.6GHz) Mobo - Asus M4A785TD-V EVO RAM - 2*2 GB Corsair Optical Drive - LG DVD Writer SMPS - Gigabyte 460W Monitor - Samsung 22" [DVI] i need a UPS that provides me just sufficient time to complete shutting down the moment lights go out, not necesarily to...
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    Suggest A good UPS

    is there any reliable UPS within 2500 that provides 4 socket output? my current APC 500 VA UPS conked off y'day. Now I'm in the hunt of a UPS myself My rig specs AMD Athlon II quad-core 22" Monitor Discrete GPU 2*1.5 TB HDD Weekend gamer [not very high priority] i wouldn't mind if, of the 4...
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    Airtel 3G prices reduced !

    Airtel 3G is giving 3 GB of data for 250 rupees [30 day validity] How is the experience? Seems more practical than the 30 min pack, which cannot be recharged more than once a day it seems Low-cost 3G Internet plan from Airtel [Save Money on Data transfer] - AA Me, IN
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    What is your profession......

    I'm a Student, Final Year Mechanical Engineering from You You Coffee. I have always had some form of income for my pocket money: 1.) Computer Assembler & Cyber-cafe looking after-er during vacation of class 10 & 12 2.) AutoCAD drawing for some SME & Solid/Surface Modelling & Assembly...
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    Is it wise to buy Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V?

    @damnthenet Great review. Perhaps you can expand upon it by posting sample pics & HD videos of beautiful girls in your neighborhood, college & tuition. It will improve our understanding & help us know better. Can you also tell us if it handles PDF files out of the box or will it need an...
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