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    New DTH connection. Is Videocon crap?

    Hi I am planning to take a new DTH connection. I earlier had Dish TV when it was introduced and signal/connection used to get disrupted at slight rains or even just cloudy skies (rain fade). Then suddenly our local cable improved and I switched to that; now the cable service is back to the...
  2. knight17

    With Android moving to 64 bit does it matters to you?

    There is not going to be any discernible difference in performance because of 64 bit CPUs in Android phones. Even on a desktop you need to have applications written specifically for 64 bit systems to take advantage of. The RAM improvement is the only thing I consider relevant. With ART becoming...
  3. knight17

    Adobe Certification in Flex OR B.Tech in GAme development[Reply Promptly PLZ]

    Having a traditional education is always helpful :)
  4. knight17

    Need to buy 32 Inch LCD tv..Help pls

    Hey chiroo, Your HT system looks cool. Please post some pictures after you've fully set it up.
  5. knight17

    Ebook reader suggestion

    If pdf is what you want to read, then count out e-ink based displays. They'll never be able to do justice to pdf files. If you've to choose one among them, it would be Amazon Kindle if you can get your hands on one. Better yet, get something like an iPad (a Tablet)
  6. knight17

    A stylish lesson in humility from namma Rajni

    I don't see his movies. After reading this, feels like he is one gem of a man! ** A stylish lesson in humility from namma Rajni /churumuri.WordPress.com There will be many tales told about Rajnikanth in the next few days as Endhrian aka The Robot checks in to a screen near you. Many of them...
  7. knight17

    Bulk SMS Provider in India

    As said before, 160by2 can send SMS to UAE.
  8. knight17

    Indian admins love Linux, stuck on Windows

    Employees offering mass resignation against Linux implementation? That is something new.
  9. knight17

    i failed in B.Tech Exam.. :"( what to do now?

    I also feels the same. Don't quit since you've started it and invested your time. Try to focus on a few subjects and finish it in the 5th year with tuitions or some support. It can be done. Now cheer up!
  10. knight17

    Wi-Fi Router

    Maybe you could try Netgear WNR2000 or D-Link DIR-615 I think it'll stay in your price range and both seems to be good. I think you can get both under INR 2.5K
  11. knight17

    X3 player required for playing movies??

    What you downloaded is a fake torrent. In whatever player you try to play it, it won't simply work. Videos should work with any player, given appropriate codec is installed.
  12. knight17

    i failed in B.Tech Exam.. :"( what to do now?

    I would suggest you to join some distance education course like B.Sc or BCA so that you can finish your degree slowly. In addition to it do some other certification course that you may have interest. I know people who scored nothing in subjects like Mathematics in +2 but cleared engineering...
  13. knight17

    This Guy Definitely Has More CPUs Than You Do

    This is all over the web now.
  14. knight17

    Wi-Fi Router

    Then Asus RTN16 is not an option. If you've both ADSL and WiFi you can avoid your modem and connect directly to the modem router. The one I mentioned above doesn't have a built-in modem, so if I am using that, I'd have to plug it into my BSNL dabba modem first! If you get one with built-in modem...
  15. knight17

    Software Required For Calculating Sales and Stock in Pharmacy

    I think a solution like Tally will work in your case. What you need is an accounting software with inventory function.
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