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    Build an XP SP3 Recovery Disc or installation disk from XP SP1 or XP SP2

    thanks .. you remind me to slipstream SP3 ...usually i just reinstall Xp with SP2 & applyinh SP3 update patch on it..
  2. kapsicum

    Real Reasons for IE 6 Usage!

    hahaha.. dats a Real Stat... no doubt... wondering how can we try reducing the numbers
  3. kapsicum

    php master page help

    php is not so sophisticated like may be dotNet whic gven u the easy facility of master page ... but you can do it in similar way haveing index.php kindda page ... where you have your static pages like Header, Menu & Footer while leaving a section of Middle pages which are dynamic based on the...
  4. kapsicum

    tshirt designing

    firstly hullap ... dat was really gr8 site (LMGTFY)... for obvious reason.. @pritish_kul2 ... check this site Inkfruit .. its an Indian T-shirt designing site based in Mumbai .. i m myself a member der & i too design a lot of Tee's as competition submissions whenever i get some time... u...
  5. kapsicum

    A Very Cool .GIF Image - You will Like it

    really yaar... dat Mario pic makes me nostalgic about our wonder years .... i use to fight with my brother & cousins to get my chance ...for this & many more games ... but now i can play it any time on my PC using NES simulator but keyboard mein woh mazaa kahan... n woh fight bhi toh miss karta...
  6. kapsicum

    Photography Classes...

    Mr. Manohar Desai National Institute of Photography, 2nd floor, Above Shagun Hotel, Dadar (west), Mumbai. Ph : 65203364, 24306502 Mobile : 9820109476 Batch Timings :(for Total of 10hrs per week) weekday batch - 6.30 - 8.30 weekend - 8.00 - 1.00 SAT & 10.00 - 3.00 SUN 3 types of...
  7. kapsicum

    Photography Classes...

    hey, i know one photopgraphy classes in mumbai, which is quite well known ,recognized & comparatively cheap too.. but is really good place to join if u r into serious learning... its in Dadar west just outside station i dont remember the name & dont hv any other details but if u need i'll...
  8. kapsicum

    Some Video Conversion Script Wanted

    firstly ...its a wrong section to post u want the any script to convert your files ... right? u already get it on the ffmpeg.org ... else if u want, i'll give u a script to convert any files to FLV format ...using ffmpeg which i used in one of my PHP projects...
  9. kapsicum

    [Tutorial] - Transform Your Windows XP into Linux Ubuntu without Customization Pack!

    Re: [Tutorial] - Transform Your Windows XP into Linux Ubuntu without Customization Pa gr8 job man...
  10. kapsicum

    Govt to hold competition for Re symbol ( Winner will get 2.5 Lakhs )

    we need something original... y follow the economies which are NOW heading south... India is gonna make its own path.. lets think of something really different...
  11. kapsicum

    Govt to hold competition for Re symbol ( Winner will get 2.5 Lakhs )

    i read it this morning ... wanna take part in competition (if i am eligible).... do any1 hv the link if any to participate....els hv to search it...
  12. kapsicum

    Session Management in PHP

    firstly i didnt get your problem but the following is as per what i understood .... if a user clicks browsers back button after he has logged out , and if you dont want the action to be repeated you can validate the session variables before performing any actions like search or Online...
  13. kapsicum

    Run More than One OS on Your Phone

    dats a great news .... but i hope MVP can be used on Any handsets & not just High end Smartphones ... thanks topgear
  14. kapsicum

    Insert image in PDF file

    though not fully correct but by Open source i meant its a Freeware
  15. kapsicum

    Insert image in PDF file

    use cutePDF writer which is open source.... insert the image in a word doc & print it using cutePDF writer... voila ...
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