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    Headphones, earphones news and discussion thread

    Is deal still on. Count me in too.. If its still applicable
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    Sorting all Internet Providers in India : Guide

    This is a good initiative keep it up
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    Clash Of Clans

    wlcm mate.... im spartacus on coc...have a gud tym there
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    Modem for BSNL EVDO

    can anyone tell me about range of evdo... is it available in villages that are 10 kms from 10 km from ludhiana a city in punjab
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    Clash Of Clans

    will do that andy is not running will join u guys tommorrow :-)
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    Clash Of Clans

    I'm Spartacus from clan .anybody help me in installing Andy .. wanna play to . don't have my phone so no whats app or coc chat . pls reply here to help me installing Andy on PC:-(
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    [Query] WD 1TB blue warranty problem

    thanks for response bro but i already took back my money and gave them my hard drive .. thinking about getting a ext. now
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    I wanna share a one plus one invite

    hey guys i got a one plus one 64 gb invite today. i already have mi3 so i wanna share it here . as you know that . they have a system that if someone orders a 1+1 then he gets 3 invites which can be shared with others. so i hope that my invite will start a chain so that everybuddy in TDF who...
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    Clash Of Clans

    Re: Clash Of Clans - Mighty Legends Next tym buddy. .
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    Samsung Stops selling Online

    +10000000 to that suggestion of yours man [emoji1] we should do it
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    Clash Of Clans

    Re: Clash Of Clans - Mighty Legends Which lvl
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    The Official Xiaomi Discussion Thread

    registered for free micro sim tray lets see:wink:
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    Clash Of Clans

    Re: Clash Of Clans - Mighty Legends 24 minutes to go[emoji7] [emoji7]
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