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    Survey on Credit Cards

    I am a second year M.Tech student of NIT Calicut. My main project is about analyzing the behavior of Credit Card users and finding the factors which affects the adoption of Credit cards in India. A questionnaire survey is included in it. If you have a credit card, please participate in this...
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    Market Survey: Mobile Phone Network Service Providers in India..

    We are MTech students of National Institute of Technology, Calicut.. In Industrial Engineering and Management. As the part of our mini project in Marketing Management, we conducted this survey.. Questionnaire and Presentation PPT ..... Questionnaire: Mobile Phone Network Service Providers...
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    How to buy a dell laptop??

    Mobile Monsters All threads related to cell phones, laptops, PDAs, MP3 players, and other assorted mobile gizmos... Strictly for the geeky! Anyway, thanks for the reply............
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    How to buy a dell laptop??

    I have decided to buy a dell laptop which costs around 35k.. but still in confusion, how to buy it!! By online will takes 15 days to receive my product.. if i go to an authorised retailer, i will get it on that day itself but i heard they will charge additional 4k rupees (a lap costing 35k via...
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    Sorry.. sorry.. i forgot that..!! CorbyPro doesn't need naked skin for sensing the touch..:-P. Its one of its advantages..:-) ---------- Post added at 06:46 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:39 AM ---------- The design is good enough to make it into the best phone category and...
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    CorbyPro B5310 Price: Rs.11,100 (May 2010) Samsung CorbyPro, one of the best mobile phones available in the world today (Source: Techradar.com). When I say this, you will be laughing, but it’s a fact. It contains everything you need. At this price, it’s a decent buy...
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    post ur websites here

    Website of my class.. http://www.cetn2010.webs.com
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    Best laptop at 30k..

    Thanks..... ---------- Post added at 08:24 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:22 AM ---------- Thanks.. Thanks.. i will ask if i iam not able to find the model number..:smile::smile:
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    Best laptop at 30k..

    My budget is 30-32k.. i need a laptop for net surfing, watching movies and desktop publishing.. i dont need netbooks.. pls tell me a good lap.. dell and hp preferred.. pls help me..
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    Samsung Corby Plus or Pro?

    Iam using CorbyPro.. its battery life is very poor.. but the phone is one of the best in india.. CorbyPro in 14th place in "the best 15 mobile phones in the world today" source: techradar.com
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    Need a mobile Under 10k

    Samsung Monte.. best "Value for Money" touch phone available in india..
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    DATAONE help- i forgot my login password!

    Call customer care.....
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    Samsung S5620 buy or not help

    Its brand name is Samsung Monte.. My friend has this.. It has all the features of CorbyPro except QWERTY keypad, Handwriting recognition and monte is capacitive, corbypro is resistive.. GUI is same as corbypro.. battery life is also better than corbypro.. the price difference between monte and...
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    Nokia 5230 or Samsung corby pro

    If you have money, go for SAMSUNG CORBYPRO B5310.. Its the 2nd best touch phone available in india(rating by PC WORLD).. its resistive touch, 3.2 camera, 3g, wifi, QWERTY hard keypad, handwriting recognition, panorama shot for image, two additional back covers, motion sensor etc.. but only one...
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    Which one is good?? NOKIA X2 vs C3..

    Is X2 available in stores??
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