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  • Can you say how to log on to 'Administrator' account in win7. I reinstalled windows but couldnt create account with the name 'Administrator'. It said an account was already there. So, how to log on to Admin accnt. Didnt even find it in Safe Mode.
    Plz help.
    And today as informed by Jupiter Int. Ltd. ASRock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen-3 mobo. is available in stock with a 3 years of Indian warranty and service center is Digicare.
    So please i need your urgent help for which one to buy among:-

    -ASRock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen-3
    -MSI Z68A GD55-(B3)
    I ran it on normal mode also, score was hanging around 968 or something close.

    I thought it will cross 1k mark atleast. Anyway leave it, satisfied with Simulation.
    Dude, i feel something is wrong, unigine scores were bad...i feel 570 is the culprit..
    I thought you were 19 earlier & you turned 20 this year....Anyway misinformation....

    Enjoy your 18th Year to the fullest.
    Belated B-day wishes buddy....

    May all your wishes comes true this year.....

    "One more year & you are eligible to Enjoy the Adult-Ness in INDIA....." Just Kidddnnng..
    Can i post a thread hn bazar section asking member to buy a thing from ebay to ship it to my place and i pay them by transfering money to their acount...? I wanna post this coz the item i want doesn't have COD and i dont have a CC/DC...
    lol...he had this weird username and probably had not had good description....I blocked him
    hehe. Tell me when you actually start doing it and implement.
    Btw played vice city yesterday. Felt great after such long time.
    My result will be out today. Not final exam Ofc. But very scared. I think I will be in bad condition by evening.
    ico what do you think of idea of having a seprate panel for sticky threads like steam forum?new member would then notice the thread early.
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