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    Restoring Logitech Z-5500 5.1

    sorry to ask this over here... I'm looking for POD PID-R852. I'm getting error called" Mute on" "Over Temperature". Any help please? I'm from Bangalore.
  2. i_am_crack

    Official Nokia 5800 XpressMusic discussion thread

    any one knows about Myphone (iphone look alike) I am kinda trying to get my hands dirt on it.. please advise.. eBro
  3. i_am_crack

    Creative Speaker 2.1

    Please close the thread.. sold outside ebro
  4. i_am_crack

    Creative Speaker 2.1

    still waiting for prospective buyers ebRo
  5. i_am_crack

    Asus Xonar Dx

    Forget peeps.. bought new at last..worth every cents of it & Please close or bin the thread eBRo
  6. i_am_crack

    Samsung Blackjack II - I617 - 3G HSDPA - GPS - QWERTY - WinMo - Like New

    He rather keep it himself or give it to his kid than sell it to 3K man.. eBRo
  7. i_am_crack

    Asus Xonar Dx

    Shipping and everything included should be the quote. Depends on the warranty and time I am ready to pay up to 4K. Bangalore is my please.. PM me u r offers i can PM back i Contact# eBRo
  8. i_am_crack

    Creative Speaker 2.1

    1K....nothing less than that.please
  9. i_am_crack

    Brand New Razer Arctosa

    yeah thatz much better idea if it covers the return policy and refund.. u should have thought it first anyway eBRo
  10. i_am_crack

    Brand New Razer Arctosa

    i hope i will find your customer.. thanks for talking.. talk again soon eBRo
  11. i_am_crack

    Graphic card

    This is awesome thread.. please make it sticky eBro
  12. i_am_crack

    Omnia pro(b7610)

    no harm dude.. 18K is bit out of league i guess people would buy it from store not from unknown label seconds...I am sorry had to say it... but dont feel bad.. talk to sibot he is kinda this type guy eBRo
  13. i_am_crack

    Brand New Razer Arctosa

    less than 2K & Hand delivered.. will check out shipment in front of you.. Like it deal it with cash OR not like it .. (lets not talk about it) is it deal? ah dont forget .. if i find anything missing even if its manual the deal stands cancelled or even if you tell me wife the money part or even...
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    Western Digital 2 TB hdd

    can u COD cause for my canara bank i cannot do 3rd party transfer.. I ma interested in buying eBRo
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