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  1. gauravakaasid

    First timer on a social app....

    Guys, Recently came across this app, and looks like I might just get hooked onto it. http://www.CricketBookie.in Is there anyone who reviews social apps?
  2. gauravakaasid

    Get all your emails via sms for free

    Whoa! thnx man for this...
  3. gauravakaasid

    FS : Corsair 4 GB Voyager Pen Drive for Rs 615 /-

    New Corsair 4gb @445...check here, dude's organizing a Go for it: http://www.techenclave.com/hot-deals-and-discussions/corsair-pendrives-10-years-warranty-4gb-121050.html @rahul...dont want to crap your thread, but if u really deal in Corsair products, we should be getting a better deal from you
  4. gauravakaasid

    Sony K790i Transfer Problem

    Once you connect your fone, the phone memory and the card memory show up as removeable drives under My Computer, just do as you would with a usb drive. Keep in mind to maintain the folder structure.
  5. gauravakaasid

    Pune meet....when?

    ^^hmmm...no problemo dude @all...y dont we get 2gether @mocha?
  6. gauravakaasid

    Xps Ftw!!

    got it for 45k...:)
  7. gauravakaasid

    Xps Ftw!!

    what?? no one else liked it?
  8. gauravakaasid

    Xps Ftw!!

    @all...thnx guys @Pat...nopes, got it from Vicky Das from Erodov forums @T159...yups dude...she's always under my watchful eye :P added the specs too in the 1st post...
  9. gauravakaasid

    Pune meet....when?

    ^^yea...dats wat we've been doin :P
  10. gauravakaasid

    Xps Ftw!!

    Guys....got an XPS 1210 recently for myself....went in for it i was completely floored by its looks. Got it from a member on another forum, and credit goes to him for its upkeep. he renewed the complete cover thingy on it..and replaced practically everythin on it....and looks spankin new now...
  11. gauravakaasid

    suggest laptop brand & config

    @ITTechPerson....y dint u have a look at the acer aspire one? its ultraportable tho, and above decent specs. only 21k odd
  12. gauravakaasid

    300 Freeware software's and 60 Wallpaper sites

    awessum list thr...thnx for this!! :)
  13. gauravakaasid

    Happy Birthday john_the_ultimate, snehangshu and prakie!!!

    Hey guys....wishin ya all a very happy b'day!!
  14. gauravakaasid

    Mygazines - Read Magazines for free!

    thnx dude....gr8 link and achha timepass :)
  15. gauravakaasid

    Pune meet....when?

    arey bhai log...ek din shaam ko milte hai na...2-3 hrs shouldn't b n issue.....
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