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    Bloggers' Corner

    Pls check out my blog on Tata Sky at http://tatasky-dth.blogspot.com/
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    Your Favourite Music Genre??? And few Questions!! ;-)

    Classical, western, Rock, Indian, Sufi, Jazz, Metal...it really depends on the time of day, day of week, state of mind...and such other factors
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    Why doesn't IE do CSS?

    The world still awaits an absoultely extensible and yet stable browser, opera, chrome, Firefox, and IE all put together in the best form!
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    English Wordlist

    check out on Google! Its as simple as it seems.
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    Digit Predictions 2009.

    New Prediction: Xbox 360 with this Digit issue, no lucky draw, no questions, simply for all!
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    Quote of the day

    The world is what you want it to be! Wisdom is in the head of the beholder! I think and therefore I am!
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    Request your Signature/Avatar/Logo Here

    Hey Krazy warrior, would like to request an avatar too! Anything that justifies the user name that I flash!
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    Please Rate My Desktop Customization!!!

    Hyperdesk.com seems to be great, But you need very high Random memory for creating such desktops and ensuring that the boot-reboot is fine!!!
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    the official CRICKET thread

    Cometh the hour cometh the man! Tendulkar does it again. Fantasic Win, its the best chase ever!
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    Need suggestions for high end laptop

    Take a look at the Sony Vaio...the latest one on the block. Good be a good buy
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    Google in 2020

    In 2100 Google will have this tag line: "Google is your computer!"
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    Maths Quiz

    Lets evolve it to "Dump your assignments here!!!"
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    Create a RUMOUR for 2009¿. Come in and Enjoy!

    Xbox is now given free when you buy a licenced copy of Windows XP Premium edition!
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    One year on.........

    Congrats, Its a great job done.
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    Bloggers' Corner

    Well on a different tangent...I have a blog on Tata Sky! Take a look www.tatasky-dth.blogspot.com
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