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    Please suggest good mp3 phone under Rs.4500/-

    go to gsmarena/techenclave
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    Fictional (anime) characters cannot be role models ?

    I personally believe that fictional characters can be roll models.but there r so many example real life hero's(N.MODI,STALIN,G.W.BUSH),then why go wd artificial 1.anywy it dpnds on prsonl tst. but prblm r in d systm tht blvs anime is childish.
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    Samsung Star-- JAVA Apps problems

    i brought it 2 weeks ago...@7900 rs
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    Court ruling forces Mininova to end illegal torrents

    long live mininova
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    Do you believe in ghosts? Have you seen them

    please post ur doggy version of da story.. moral in advance : some doggies r more intelligent than some human.
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    China vs India

    @jebarson**** how can u know that ???
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    History: The Indian Dark Ages (1750-1950 AD)

    @phantom lancer.... i cant understand ur views about nuclear war.though i have used "Nuke attack" instead of "nuke war" and can u explain "when japan/germany/italy attacked allied thats called war" why not nuke attack on japan define as NUKE WAR?? and yes i understand wd ur views church/pope...
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    History: The Indian Dark Ages (1750-1950 AD)

    OK :| I will follow ur advice..but u need to know something more.during WW2 Pope Pius XII supported NAZI invasion of soviet union.At present it's hard to find but u will find it many WW2 documentaries. yes church had secret pact with Nazi/fascists.with the help church Mussolini came to...
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    History: The Indian Dark Ages (1750-1950 AD)

    posted by phantom lancer during WW2 Vatican enthusiastically supported FASCIST/NAZI powers against soviet union. and also mute spectator of holocaust/nuke attack.
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    Glamour girls march topless through Manchester in aid of Brit soldiers

    @rahim man this is the example how so called pseudo democratic/conservatives influence the public opinion.
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    China vs India

    posted by nix Yes its so easy to u!!!!!! :!::!: just like british .. we told them and they obey us. i think imperialism/fascism is nothing to u.. how can u believe that some imperialist force free their colonies?? u give advice to believe Afghans the third grade American propaganda ...
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    Glamour girls march topless through Manchester in aid of Brit soldiers

    @fun2sh thnx 4 da pics... and this incidents shows how western imperialist brainwashed their people.this shameless (brainless) girls r supporting not the occupation of another country but also insult the womanhood. to the nix.... if it happened with us 60 years ago.. do...
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    Glamour girls march topless through Manchester in aid of Brit soldiers

    "London, Sept 30 (ANI): A dozen women paraded through Manchester topless to show their support for British troops fighting abroad. The women stunned shoppers, builders and office workers as they marched wearing only tight leather trousers and camouflage body paint across their chests, reports...
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    In Rome (Italy), Durga is not welcome

    Dont blame anyone for (eg Sonia Gandhi) her/his nationality/religion/believes.Though she/he has no connections with this incident. Yes, its a fascistic tendency.They just want suppress freedom of expressions. But I think you are comfortable with that(fascist/religious extremist ) rather...
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    Blu-ray Vs HD DVD

    BD is a clear Winner .
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