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    Forgot my 3110c scurity code!! :(

    Guys help me. I've forgot my nokia 3110c security code. Master code no more works in nokia mobiles. How can i recover it? There isnt any important data to be protected on phone, so hard formatting is one way to go, but how to hard format it?
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    help regarding paypal

    will i have to activate "Netsafe Card" ? extra charges ? Thanks ! Buyed the hosting plan ! which is xD 500GB space 1TB monthly transfer php, mysql , cpanel , fantastico , 100 domains emails databases and ffmpeg installtion !
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    help regarding paypal

    i am gonna buy hosting plan form host24 , but it accepts only paypal i dont have a credit card ! but i have HDFC and SBI online bank accounts Paypal only supports transfer of paypal money to indian banks and not money from indian banks to paypal now the host24 plan is gonna over in...
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    Hindustan University - fake ?

    thanks a lot for the help again :) .... am visiting the college @29th june lets see what happens .....
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    Hindustan University - fake ?

    Hindustan University @ site www.hindustancollege.com (tells it is a university under UGC act 1956) , is it a fake university ? coz its not mentioned in the university listing of UGC site (http://www.ugc.ac.in/) Chennai guys what do you know about this it also tells about hindustan college...
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    No Network Reliance Smart last 40 hrs HELP

    ok there was 4-5 hrs network downtime here in Motihari , Bihar of reliance smart gsm some days ago . and from 15th june there is total no network availability in town ! contacted all people having reliance smart gsm but they too not getting network from last 40 hrs . IN THIS SITUATION...
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    HITS vs HIET (especially chennai guys help) , fast help needed

    whats the reputation of HITS ? i mean how good it is cosidered by chennai people ? also whats the rank of the college ?
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    reply ma pm fast

    reply ma pm fast
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    HITS vs HIET (especially chennai guys help) , fast help needed

    what is the difference between hindustan institute of technology and science /and/hindustan institute of engineering technology ? i am confused , if i apply for IT where will i get admission ? either in HITS or in HIET ..... i am getting admission in one of them but dont know either if...
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    K850 sounds better than audio chipped N81!!!

    For me , ipod sounds way better than any cell phone .
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    Which is the best video codec out there?

    Yes h.264 is best for backup , less size and supreme quality
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    CBSE Class X results!

    When i was in 10th i had got 91 % hehe good but in 12th got 65% very bad :(
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    Pay the Hospital bills by body parts!!

    It would be great if the digit magazine publishes how our forum members selflessly tried to help the family . More will then come to know about this who are not on the forum .
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    Need a little help in LOVE(i really need it)

    @pat , now all start following what i said in #78 first , very good keep going .
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