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    answering machine for moto

    i have moto razr v3i....and i am searching for a software ANSWER MACHINE for that,can i knw frm where can i get that software for my moto
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    motorola v3i ?

    can i download application in my motorola v3i ???????? i want to download answer machine but i do not know how can it be done.......plz help......
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    Mobile Ringtones, Wallpapers, Applications/Softwares & Games

    re: Mobile Ringtones, Wallpapers, Applications/Softwares & Games can i download application in my motorola v3i ???????? i want to download answer machine but i do not know how can it be done.......plz help......
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    My baby is dying, Help oh mighty lords of the software troubleshooting forum

    hey u need to planty of things...1stly start disk clean-up utility provided in systm tools...i.e strt->accessories->systemtools->disk that select all check box and hen clean -up disk(dont worry it will only clean files that is not imp),then fragment ur disk..again for that prog. is...
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    Reg : Registry editings......

    hey buddy no need to visit the site just be in conatact with me as i have done so many things with regedit..its cool but be sure that u r doing it will damn perfaction as othewise ..registry will kill u(offcourse not u but ur PC)...i have over 50 tricks for that
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    browser close event?

    i m building software in i have managed sessions...i have provided logout when user clicks it the session will get terminated..but what if some one directly closes browser? so i want to check browser close event so that when browser is directly closed at that time i can...
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    help for java script!!!

    hello every1..i have image button in i want to change image onmousemove and again i want the same image when what is the java script for that??? i knw how to change color of buttons but in the same way i want to change the image which r on plz help me
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    Does anybody know a remotely controllable Download Manager??

    heu i got ans to ur question...all u need to do is just connect remotely using windowsXP remoting is the facility given in xp only..u need to discover it frm windows help as i dont knw the step..but it is there..the topic is REMOTE ADMINISTRATION..just do it iwll be done or...
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    sql query prob.

    thaxs man 4 ur sugg. i will have to find some another way
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    sql query prob.

    i m having two tabels in ms sql server is catagory_master(cat_id,cat_nm) and another is user_post(cat_id,post_date)..and both have cat_id in i want to display all cat_nm in left side but in right hand side i only want to display only one row which has highest date(last post) in...
  11. D query

    i have used session for all users..i wanna count no. of users online at my site...but prob. is that when some user directly closes the browser session_end event is not no should be decrased by one but it is not what to do when some1 closes browser directly???help me
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    which site gives web-space for dynamic sites

    hello guyz..can any1 tell me which site gives us web-space for dynamic web-pages..that is interaction with data base must be allowed
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    orkut photo uploading error

    sorry man...i have not got sol'n of this kind of prob. but i will ask to my mates n then come to u...
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    how to change machine id

    hey u can do i buy going into registry editor..there is no need of any software..regedit is the place where all info. abt our comp. is stored..go in start->run->type "regedit"..and try to find out the key for Computer Name or something related to ur prob. from view menu and find..and things will...
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    Playing media files without any issues

    hey..i dont knw the solution but i think i have read this kind of thing and its solution in digit's magazine u just read it..u night get..i would have told otherwise but i dont remember...
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