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    Evacuation of Taslima Nasreen from Kolkata

    Why we are sooooooo sensetive to face a real prob???? So called sensitive topics are already on. Look here * Rajat has given the news, thats all.
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    Most commonly used Definations

    Thanks to you all.
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    How To Make Invisible Folders

    No need to Download any software No need to hide hidden folders, Just try this, and make invisible folder anywhere on ur computer....... First create a new folder somewhere on your hard drive when you name it hold down "Alt" and press "0160" this will create an invisible space so it will...
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    Most commonly used Definations

    ISO: A file that is created from an image of a CD. You can make an iso yourself with a program such as Adaptec Easy CD Creator, or you can burn an ISO file to a CD-R to create a copy of a CD. Bin/cue files: These are also used to create an image of a CD. Most people burn these with CdrWin...
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    Megaupload Help Plz..............

    I dont know whether this post is legal or not... Anyhow follow the rule carefully.... 1. Go to the following site: * 2. Input the MegaUpload download link in the Address text box. (where you will see * in the box) 3. Uncheck...
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    4 Tricks to Shut Down your Windows

    There are many methods that you can use to shut down your computer. The normal way is click on Start > Turn Off Computer > Turn Off. But here I will share with you how you can shut down your computer in different ways. 1. The fastest way I always do this when I want to shutdown my...
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    Display problem???

    How to disable web content on desktop??? __________ Got it. Rt click property.......desktop.......customise desktop.........web.......unchek lock desktop items. Prob solved. Thanks to you all'
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    Display problem???

    Thanks Kiran, but system is pretty fast as before and system restore is disabled.
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    Display problem???

    Recently my XP Home desktop has become 'jarky' as all icons shakes a lot following rt click & refresh. There was no shakes few days ago. May be a bit silly to ask but can anyone help me to restore original settings? Thanks.
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    So DADA is back with a bang!!!

    What one can expect more from a player in exile for 10 a new place....83 runs?!!!!! Any comment from Chappel, David or More????
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    AutoPatcher for Windows XP SP 2 (32-bit) - November 2006 - Full, Lite & Update

    @1MB /4 min = 330X4 minutes= 1320 minutes = 22 hours appro.;(
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    Get paid softwares for free (Legal)

    Nice link. Thanks
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    Fantastic product. Thanks Rajat
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    Mr Rahul Gandhi along with a lady friend was arrested

    Mr Puri has written this article after the threat given to Sonia Gandhi by Mr Natwar Singh. So he wrote in this manner I think. But one thing is assured...Mr Rajinder Puri never wrote anything without any conclusive proof. If anything he wrote is lie.. let the parties challange it.
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    Mr Rahul Gandhi along with a lady friend was arrested

    Here is the link *
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