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  • Hey cool there is no electricity here. And the browser you sent me via sendspace worked for me on airtel. Lol

    right now sending you message with it only. Lol

    you rockz man :)
    So, I've to tell what you meant in all those "niaaaaas"??

    You actually meant, "Gagan, tu mera bewakoof nahi bana sakta, agar tere baski hai toh in niaaaa ka matlab bata k dikha!!" :D :D
    No man thats not mine...anyway I have a dog at home...will try to get his smiling pic
    Iwas out of station for one week.
    As for IIT, the second paper was too tough, way too tough than the first one. Now let's see what happens!!
    Last night i downloaded over 500mb of data over Airtel EDGE using symtorrent and smartget. Smartget was downloading nvidia drivers and symtorrent was downloading music :p. So load of multitasking for me evry night :D
    U posted two of those LOL smiley, and I couldn't get wat I put those smileys...... ;-)
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