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  • Sorry dude...I'am 4rm mobile(teashark)...tell me all your queries VIA PM or Visitor messaging...
    cant view that orkut linki man.
    getting this msg "User privacy settings prevent you from viewing the content on this page".

    i dont think a 9750 cud that much even on LN2.
    so at long last ur playing GOW.thats gr8.:)

    the 8600GT GDDR3 is a gud card.why buy XFX when a lot of other brands like evga,msi,asus etc r available.
    also if he can inc his budget then he can get a better card.
    that cud as well be ur prob.just try them game on a fresh installtion of xp (if removing dx10 doesnt work.)sud work on fresh installation.
    yup that cud be the prob.
    google & see if a patch is available 4 gow to work on XP.even i've played in Vista, so cant tell u bout XP.
    4 me to suggest a mobo i need to know his full current config and his total budget for mobo & gpu.

    for the game part,try the game in a diff pc and if the error is still there,just redownload the crack.sud solve the prob.
    wat error msg r u getting when running GOW?wat os ru using?

    i dont think installing a nvidia gpu on an ATi chipset mobo (i guess its a D101/D102 rt?) sud create any probs, still tell him to get a ATi card cuz they r the best vfm cards in the market now.
    3.1Ghz or 3Ghz both are awesome OC man...nice!!!! Well, u shud hav got the DDR3 256mb MErcury, it cost's lesser ~ 3k actually and the DDR3 performs better(256MBDDR3 vs 1024MBDDR2, winner, 256MBDDR3) Never the less, some games require more memory, can come to help. Actually such high amounts of memory helps when u r gaming at resolutions like 1920x1200 or higher, or not much benefit. But never the less, VERY NICE!!!!!!
    congrats on ur new purchase dood.u got the card 4 a good price.
    did ya try to oc it?u can take the core to 700MHz easily.
    happy gaming.:)
    thats a good oc (3GHz).u can oc the ram too.it sud do 700-750MHz easily.i've oc'd my 1GB Transcend DDR2 667 sticks to 950MHz and 2.3v vdimm.
    vvv X9850 is B.E> and OCes much more, but takes 125TDP outta u...

    My CONFIG:

    P4 3GHz HT
    INTEL 915GAG Motherboard
    XFX 6200TC
    Phenom X4 9750 sud be able to take bout 1.4-1.45v depending on wat load temps ur getting.70-75C sud be max on th cores.
    also do u own a 9750?
    it'zz okay...maybe a ram upgrade will help a lot.. well sadly i waz able to go to 3.2Ghz frm 3Ghz only on my P4HT
    2.3g is gud as mentioned vvvvv

    Well, no use, m not on messenger

    And lynx-india is based in Chandigarh, and quality of service is very good.
    I think you need a better mobo........ atleast an enthusiast P45 or X48 or 780i for really high OCs...... I have seen ppl with 3.1GHz speed on that proccy. Anyways 2.3Ghz is good..... stock is 1.8GHz I beleive and if so, then its really good. Happy gaming!
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