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    Nokia E71 ??

    it's awesome equipped with full QWERTY keypad, 3.15mp camera, mp3, wifi, bluetooth etc what a user want.
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    Nokia N96 launched in India TODAY

    nice dear You done beautiful post of images. I like it.
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    Suggest a handset upto 10K

    I don't why people are saying like this, while nokia is most reliable phone.
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    xbox 360 games in kolkata

    sorry dear I am in uk if I had there I would have tell definetily. just let me know can we play xbox 360 in uk which you bought in India?
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    phone under 10k?

    nokia would be better.
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    Please suggest a phone

    Money is doesn't matter if you are getting exactlly what you are looking for. you will become very happy to get wishing stuff. shouldn,t miss for a little bit.
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    buyin fone 2day..pls help me 2 select b/w these fones

    I would go with nokia 52220 xpresssmusic. calabria property
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    Please suggest a phone

    I would suggest you for nokia n95, n96 or SE xperia x1 but not in 7k.
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    Which mob under 7.5k ???

    Sony phones are known for music and camera both. you can choose SE w910i in your budget.
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    Nokia E71 ??

    If you are in QWERTY keypad. you should go with e71. this phone is known for mainly QWERTY keypad. Rest everything is fine. If keypad is not important for you then nokia 5800 is best.
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    Should I take a teacher's job ?

    Yes, why not if you are eligible for that, you should join without wasting your time. It would ge great experience. Something is better than nothig.
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    which is the best war game

    Call of duty.
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    Play old Nintendo games in PC using NES Emulators.possible??

    Now we are enjoying nintendo wii as a console game. This christmas I have bought fo rmy wii console though I have already wii fit, guitar hero, super galaxy etc. Now we are looking for next best wii game on wii for 2009.
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    Which mobile phone are you using currently ?

    Obivously nokia n96 will be sluggish being of rich in few extra and latest features. Now a days I am using my sony ericsson w910i.
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    Phone within 5k

    Nokia phones will be better . They are more reliable. have a look on any store compare look wise also then choose.
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