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    Do you mind clubs pumped by oil money?

    ^As the next season will be the first wherein the punishment for not following the FFP rules will be applied i think it is highly unlikely that any club will be banned from playing in Europe And the offers stated in that article will probably be a fine + Squad restrictions/Points...
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    Fifa 13 lagging inspite of minimum settings.

    what resolution are you running it on I used to play FIFA 12 on my laptop with the lowest setting+lowest resolution and it lagged(and i have an i5 2410m+HD 3000) and FIFA 13 wouldn't even start on it
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    ^True but its an amazing deal for AM And i dont see him coming back in January And the fee involved would be fractional compared to his actual price Cech is under contract for 3 more years and i feel he will play for us for 2 more seasons and If Courtois doesnt sign a new contract it would be a...
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    Really funny the whole Courtois situation Chelsea actually payed the transfer fee and Athletico Madrid got him for free on a three year contract -_- Also it will be great to see what formation Mourinho plays with this Chelsea squad
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    Need Suggestions for my build

    with the game you want to play you can get this AMD FX 8320 10.5k Asus M5a97 7k G.Skill Ripjaws 4 gb 2.1k Corsair CX600 4k Seagate Barracuda 4.7k Any OPD 1k Dell s2240l led ips 8.5k HD7870 16.5k Total ~53k+your choice of cabinet Suggested this because of the list of games you have listed...
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    AMD FX-6300 and FX-4300 now available !

    Is steamroler confirmed to be on the AM3+ socket as i dont wanna buy another motherboard for some time now
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    Pc configuration for 50k [Core components Only]

    FX 8320 Asus M5A97 Corsair Vengeance 4 GB Corsair CX600 WD blue 500gb Asus DVD writer NZXT Source 210 HD 7950 without UPS ~52k
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    AMD FX-6300 and FX-4300 now available !

    hmm now that its availible i want to ask wat would be or whether it will be good upgrade from phenom ii 970 to fx 6300 or fx 8320
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    Gaming sytem at around 50~k

    You could get the FX 8320 over the FX 8350 if you need to cut down for a better graphics card
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    Fifa 13

    ^Buy it from the EASFC catalogue
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    Fifa 13

    just wanted to share something funny that happened in my Career Mode with Wolves So in my third season i bought Lloris from spurs and from that season onwards every time i played them they had an outfield player in goal (Bale,Dembele,Adebayor till now) I have no idea how this happens surely...
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    Need an Android under 10k

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    Need an Android under 10k

    After some debate i have shortlisted these phones Karbonn A27 Retina Samsung Galaxy Young Price in India, Latest Price, Specifications, Reviews - HTC Explorer Sony Tipo Please suggest others as this will be my first phone and i know next to nothing about them Requirements...
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    Ba What a goal Boring match apart from that though
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    Tablet around 15k

    but 22k throws the budget out of the window is it really that much better could i get it somewhere else cheaper
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