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    Need advice on new gaming cafe

    As far as government rules are concerned, i think they will be same for Cyber Cafes and Game Cafes. Gaming Cafe's aren't very common in India so no separate rules exist for them.
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    Wanna GET the best..?

    But what i want know is that has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like the best?
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    Aajtak funny headline mistake

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    Which is the best brand of blank DVDs?

    Isn't sony expensive? I haven't purchased Sony for a long time but i remember some time back their RW CDs used to sell for like 50 rupees or something. EDIT: Just googled, pack of 10 DVD-RWs is for 234 rupees on flipkart. So one DVD for 23 rupees is quite expensive compared to MoserBaer. Are...
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    Which is the best brand of blank DVDs?

    Hello, can some one advise me on which brands are the best for blank recordable DVDs? I want to record video and make backup of my important data so i need a brand which is reliable and can preserve data for many years. I usually use Moser Baer but i have been having problems with them for...
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