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    coming to bangalore...

    my budget would be <=3k
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    coming to bangalore...

    hmm.. I got a job in bangalore... [near Shivaji Nagar] I am lookin for PG accomodation can any one suggest me some good, decent place where I can stay? :)
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    Banned forever ? lolz

    lolz * [Shantanu Kaushik Blog] hmm.... talk anything abt microsoft and you will be banned Friends, Its better we all move away from this forum/complaint to the admins if this the way the mods behave........ OMG Mods "Deletes Posts!!" I just saw a post...
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    Music 2.0 Sites

    Do you listen to music online? Which? What features do you think would be/is cool.. Things you like/don't like about
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    UPS with long backup duration

    you can connect you ups to inverter Buy a computer ups [Preferably Sine Wave] with external batteries of around 80AH or 120AH that should give you an excellent back up time Using home Inverter to feed computer ups is ok Basically people don't use home inverter for computer is due to its...
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    Integrated Services

    Is there any site which integrates youtube, flickr, and other services? :rolleyes:
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