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  • I don't think these kits are going to come to us at all. :-/
    Called them just now and they have requested me to call 1 hour later as they are facing 'technical difficulties' atm.
    If I get 3 kits, I can give you one.
    Actually, I've ordered 4, canceled one, not it remains 3.
    I need 2 kits. So requested flipkart to cancel the other extra one which they haevn't canceled.
    G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3 16 GB PC RAM (F3-12800CL10D-16GBXL) @1632/-

    This deal is better than mine which was 2K for 8GB
    No FW 3.55 was last seen in November sold PS3s. All latest ones are 3.60 or more. There is another way but I don't have much idea but considering that a person can sell a 2 year old 3.55 PS3 for 20k but a 1 year old 3.66 PS3 for not more than 12-14k, it looks like 3.55 are much in demand.

    Also some of the latest hacks only allow homebrew on the console but not unsigned games i.e. pirated games. I only have a vague idea regarding these.

    I have found two cons of running CFW:

    1. You can play online (if you are bothered about online that is)
    2. Some or all of the latest releases (games) require you to update the PS3 to the latest system FW. I am not sure about this point but I assume that it means you cannot play new games on CFW. Again, it's just my assumption, try googling a little more.
    I have only the PS3 due to it's exclusive games. Both the systems are otherwise similar.

    Both Move and Kinect are becoming obsolete due to no new games coming up for them. Promising tech but no one backing by developers.

    You can easily find the move controller or starter pack for 2k on forums. New.

    PS3 running on 3.55 and before can run CFW but not the later ones. I have not much idea since mine is running stock 4.11

    Speakers not much idea. I have a Z623 2.1 setup with my PS3 but you can do better. Create a thread and ask for speaker suggestions.
    Basically i didn't get any discount with that headset..
    The price of the headset dropped while i was ordering it on Flipkart..Maybe Flipkart was revising the headset with a new price..

    Cheers and e-peace
    Buddy your signature is very distracting. Better to remove quotes or put them in spoiler ;) :)
    Its the black one, the image on their site is wrong...
    Order it, use 200/- off. coupon(GCM396N3KDE2)...
    Yes the exact same one, just order it u'll get the black one.. rem. to use coupon..
    Here's the dimension of A70: 159.5mm x 124.6mm x 129mm

    Elite 430's width is 163mm, so it may fit.
    That ebay KB is not Cyclosa, wrong picture. It also doesn't have palmrest. Don't expect so many features from a 2k odd combo.
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