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    Terminator 4: Salvation Day

    I ll rate 8 out of 10 for T4 [ rated for the visual, sound effects and action ]
  2. aswinandaswin

    Windows based mobile phones

    HTC Touch
  3. aswinandaswin

    22" Full HD Monitor

    LG is good in monitors. Go for it
  4. aswinandaswin

    Post your latest Purchase

    Purchase date: 27/04/2009 Hardware purchased with price. LG 1942S 19' lcd monitor [Rs.7100] City of Purchase. - CBE other products i considered. - DELL
  5. aswinandaswin

    MAC OS X on my PC: How to ?

    Fire in Water. Naah
  6. aswinandaswin

    Best Internet Broadband Service in India

    BSNL, Cheap and fast. bsnl 500c+
  7. aswinandaswin

    what makes apple a winner?

    Coz of Apple's unique products
  8. aswinandaswin

    Review on Windows 7

    thanks, Screenshots are so tempty. I need answers for some more below When wil the final version is available ? Can i able to install all apps in windows 7 that i installed in XP ? What is the thing in windows 7 called "XP MODE" , is it a virtual pc stuff ?
  9. aswinandaswin

    Adobe pagemaker to Indesign

    My uncle works in adobe Pagemaker 7. He asked me about the next version for upgradation. I searched in net and found nothing but Indesign Is indesign the next version of Pagemaker 7 ? or is it a new s/w from adobe
  10. aswinandaswin

    Need your suggestion for a "(Hindu) Baby Girl Name!"

    How about "Pavithra" , It is sweet to call and stands for purity.
  11. aswinandaswin

    Acer 5738 & 4736 new release ?? worth buying ??

    Hey, there is a company's direct showroom of DELL in coimbatore. and don't judge a company's quality by one of the damn service men.
  12. aswinandaswin

    Acer 5738 & 4736 new release ?? worth buying ??

    So u want a laptop that run only for 1 or 2 years. right acer's quality and support is very poor man Go for dell inspiron or hp pavilion series. all the best
  13. aswinandaswin

    Best Laptop Suggestion???

    dell inspiron series is the first best choice among laptops second choice is HP pavilion series
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