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  • For home use only bro..
    My 2 cousins.. 1 is in d collage n other 1 in 10th std.. mainly will use for casual gaming n watching movies n going 2 connect external TV TUNER CARD..

    What does i3 cost now ?
    Hi Ashish,

    Plz suggest on 1 of this config..
    1 is of Intel config n 2nd is Amd config
    I m going for it in 2 days so plz suggest early.. u can give ur suggestion on i3 also..

    Amd A4-5300
    Gigabyte f2a55m


    Intel g3220
    Gigabyte H81m
    Hi Ashish,

    I am back on forum after a long time..
    Can u please suggest me an i3 entry level gamin config.. same way please suggest an AMD config..
    I seen lot of threads but didn't hit anything coz i didn't visited Lamington Market since 7-8 months..

    Eagerly waiting for your revert.
    bro u r recommending ANTEC VP 450p for R7 260x and here 400-520W Power Supply Units Roundup . Page 12 - X-bit labs
    they say "The Antec VP450P is a real disappointment. Being highly efficient, this PSU has a very unstable +5V voltage, poor fan speed regulation (the fan accelerates linearly right from the start) and an undeservedly high price. It is only cheaper than the other Antec in this review, but the latter is free from the mentioned downsides and offers much more power on the +12V rail."...... Corsair CX 430 is recommended over it!!
    Thank you Ashish... :) The build is not ready yet, i just upgraded from the Asus 780Ti's to EVGA SC 780Ti's with a base clock of 1008Mhz... ;)

    Should be delivered by 6th December...
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