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    34" 21:9 Ultrawide 1440p buying advice

    I wish to buy a 34inch 21:9 ultrawide 1440p monitor Preferred Panel: IPS I did some research and found LG 34UC88-B would be the best for my requirements but the local shops dont have it. Instead they have LG 34UC98 which has just 2 thunderbolt ports compared to the model I first chose and...
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    Buying a GTX970, which one shall I look for?

    guys I am also thinking of buying one 2-3 days later, can you suggest which brand to buy MSI/Asus Strix? Please help! thanks edit : Not April Fool... ffs
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    GPU NEWS Channel

    GTX 960 is out today!
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    Need help buying GTX 970

    can you tell me how much GTX 970 cost you and from which shop you bought it from, I am also planning to buy 1 within a week! Thanks!
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    About prices about these 2nd hand GCs

    should I bargain, i got a 22" DELL LED 1080p monitor, don't know the exact model, not in home at the moment...
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    About prices about these 2nd hand GCs

    My budget is ~15k My config is Gigabyte h61m-d2h, i5 2400, 650w corsair psu He is asking 10k for r9 280x and 11k for gtx 770. Kindly suggest....
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    About prices about these 2nd hand GCs

    Guys what should be the price of these card, dont't know the exact model 1. Gtx 770 2. ATI R9 280X The seller claims that both are ~ 2 months old. Thanks for reply.
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    GTX 970 or wait for R9 300 series?

    Where do you stay?
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