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    Job in India after Masters in the US

    Hey, Im planning to do my masters in CS from the USA but I really need to get back to India for a job as soon as I complete MS there.. What is the scope for this? Is it hard to get employment? What will be the pay like here after a masters?
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    *** Science Or God? ***

    Yep, I agree, it is our duty to remove such obstacles, but not in a do-or-die kinda way.. religion is not at fault, but the corruption, exploitation and out-dation are.. So wouldnt it be better to stop following all that, that doesnt make sense to you and let other people do the same? Yep...
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    *** Science Or God? ***

    Again, my point is, its the peoples choice.. They cause the divide, not the religion itself.. The notion of a "divide" is always going to be there, may it be religion, sports, patriotism, etc.. Religion is not at fault here but the people who misuse it.. Would the world be a better place without...
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    Indian politicians : Discussion

    Thats like saying: " Do you really think that one person not littering will make a difference to making the city cleaner?" One person can start making a small difference.. Soon, enough will follow making a better system.. Look at the Jan Lokpal bill.. I think less than 5 people, 5 honest...
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    *** Science Or God? ***

    Again, inter-religious warfare is all due to the people and not the core of religion itself.. its the people who fight, religions (atleast most of them dont) dont ask you to fight and kill people in its name to spread it.. The people do that.. Its not so different from fighting for rights of...
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    Indian politicians : Discussion

    Most of the politicians are people who have had bad academic records, or people who couldn't make it big in the things They studied or business they may have started.. Hence they get into politics as a last choice and then the subsequent corruption cus they really don't care about the country...
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    *** Science Or God? ***

    Maybe you don't, fine, but there are people in this world who do require belief and hope in life.. I think mental peace brings about more harmony and leads to all the "productiveness" you speak about.. and some people do require this, it can be a healing balm to those troubled.. Its the people...
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    *** Science Or God? ***

    So we can safely assume that the vedas are 100% correct and will never ever come into question? Is'nt that kinda blind? I think nothing in the world is completely confirmed like that.. I don't really know what things are in the vedas but Ithink its safe to say that anything, be it religious...
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    The Great Indian Dream

    Eliminate all borders in the world and equally share all resources for the betterment of human kind.. Kill patriotism and embrace humanity Also, instead of things like: "what can we invent to make india better" I think it should be a : "What can we invent to make humankind better, thus...
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    Top Ten Games You have ever Played

    1.Assassins creed series of duty modern warfare series 3.GTA SA and 4 4.Portal 5.Rise of nations 6.Crysis 2 7.Super meat boy 8.FEAR 9.Prince of persia series 10.F1 2010
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    Discussions Related to Python Here

    IMO best place to learn python: Software Carpentry » Python Watch the videos and you'll be up and running in no time.. Also I recommend using linux for python.. I use ubuntu.. Heres a guide i wrote to install and get it running with eclipse ide:
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    *** Science Or God? ***

    Now tats a "dumb evaluation" they a re super important cus they are mentioned in the scriptures? How do u kno the scriptures are of any great importance at all? How can u just trust a book? Dont u need any valid reason? Firstly no one has a problem with cultural diversities in general but when...
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    *** Science Or God? ***

    Even if you ignore the fact that those things are being explained, ur basic definition of science itself is wrong.. it is not "derived" by any laws.. simply put, science is the logical use of knowledge... and as u said logical doesnt always mean flawless or true.. and those "laws" u mentioned...
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    Are We (Indians) Racists ?

    you WONT allow it? You will controll their lives? I thought this was a free country? What you said looks like a dictatorship to say the least..
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    Do you believe that aliens exist?

    odds are that there is more life out there...
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