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    GPU NEWS Channel

    Check RPTech
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    Anime/Cartoon/Mangas Thread ~Giga Drill Breaker version~

    what's that concept?
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    Railwire Broadband

    Yes. I do not youtube much but family was complaining youtube videos were always buffering/pausing.
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    Railwire Broadband

    Net has been shit for the past 10-15 days. Speed issues. Packet loss issues. Made two tickets and they were closed after some days without fix. Anyone else? @meetdilip ?
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    PC Game Deals

    Get Grand Theft Auto V free on PC until May 21. Yours to keep forever on the Epic Games Store.
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    PC Game Deals
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    Nobody Knows - 9/10 It is disturbing.
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    Railwire Broadband

    KV currently have all speed cut in half. That too not connecting most of the times. I suggest @sling-shot to stay away from kv. Call up railwire number to check availability.
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    All TV Shows / Miniseries Related Discussions Here

    Asur - 6/10 I don't know why it got this much high praise.
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    Railwire Broadband

    Gentle reminder for everyone in Kerala. Do not take Kerala Vision internet. Multiple issues, downtimes etc reported by many people all over the state.
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    All TV Shows / Miniseries Related Discussions Here

    Is Money Heist ending? Or is there another season more? I will try watching if it is ending.
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    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    Check with different cable.
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    All TV Shows / Miniseries Related Discussions Here

    Asur is getting rave reviews. Do check it out.
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    Railwire Broadband

    They started iptv? My usage checking page shows option for adding iptv package.
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    Railwire Broadband

    Wouldn't that affect only in railway stations?
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