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    [Complaint] How to get refund and file case against Rashi RMA

    I suggest you talk to one of their "Senior" official and see if it helps. Its a PITA talking to the reps. I've been to Rashi Delhi many times in the past and that is what i learned.
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    UPS for Corsair TX 750 W

    You'll need a better UPS if you do plan to SLI that GTX570. But for your current system that 1kva will be okay.
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    Goodbye From Motorola!

    +1 to this. Next, Nokia will go bankrupt unless they dont come up with better innovations. For <10k phone I'd go with Karbonn/Micromax now. Their phones are getting better and better imo. While the fate of Moto was sealed years ago.
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    100 SMSes a day cap again imposed

    What I dont like about whatsapp is i cannot exit it. As a result if i dont have a pocket net blnc my main blnc gets deducted. :/ A friend of mine has a way of blocking whatsapp on his Nokia C6 phone. He has NetQin installed and manually "blocks" Whatsapp whenever he doesnt have pocket net blnc...
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    PC Upgrade on a tight budget

    Just thought of posting this. Where do you live? In 4th nov. (i think) I got the X3 455 at just 3290 (excl. tax) for a friend from Nehru Place. I bought a whole system and Individual price of the cpu with 5% tax comes to approx. 3455rs.
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    Suggestion on laptop config

    If you need a decent gpu, i dont think you'll get a better model than the 5755G series. But battery might not last over 3hrs :/ IIRC theres another model from the Timeline series which has a gpu, the 5830TG. Check it out. A relative recently bought the non-gpu model, the 5830T with i3, paid...
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    Graphic card for gta 4

    sigh. Do you even know what you are saying?? O_O I suggest you do more research on their store. Which shop? C2C? If it is then avoid it. Get it from CE. What are the price at which the shop is giving?
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    PC Upgrade on a tight budget

    So? Also, OP asked for an alternate Intel system. It fits in the budget and its still available. and why is "no use of buying"? Do look in the budget.
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    Help needed for 'value for money' upgrade

    My opinion: This will not help and is a waste of money if OP doesnt even utilize all the 6 cores hence a Phenom Quad core will be better. eg.PII X4 955BE, 965. Why would you suggest such a cheap UPS? A UPS which is not reliable is completely useless. Prevention is better than cure. Trust me...
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    PC Upgrade on a tight budget

    You can get this: Athlon II X3 455 ~3.3k Asus M4N68T-M LE V2 ~2.5k 4GB Value RAMs ~1.2k Total= 7k. There are a lot of entry level mobos to choose from. Yes, of course. Intel DC E5600/5700 ~3.1k Gigabyte G41 Combo ~<3k RAM~ Value RAMs 4GB-DDR3-1333MHz ~1.2k Total= 7.3k That mobo also...
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    Low budget PC upgrade

    Some clarifications: First, if SMC doesnt have FSP psus in stock no one else will. I went to search a few days ago and they didnt have any FSP psu in stock. So @OP do confirm the availability before purchase. If they dont have it then get a Corsair CX-series psu or a Gigabyte Superb 460W (CE...
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    Rig for 60k

    Where did you get these two prices?? Its too good to be true. :| Well he can get the NZXT Vulcan. theitdepot for 3.7k. Its a really sturdy case! :D Which mouse pad? Can you be specific?
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    2 & 3 SLI Power requirements??

    First of all, your motherboard doesnt support SLI. It has only one PCIe x16 like you said. So forget SLI'ing. Second, even if you were to run a low-level gpu you are advised to change your PSU asap. I highly doubt that it'll give 500 wattage. Avoid cheap psus as far as possible. One more...
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    Suggest good brand for HD6870 and matching power supply

    Before christmas? Definitely not. If you cannot wait then go for the HD6870 like you wanted. I'd suggest you to choose from Sapphire/MSI/HIS. I'll try to avoid Asus products till Rashi peripherals do something about the RMA quality. Theitdepot - India's First IT Online Shopping Store
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    [Complaint] Feels like Cheated, want complete replacement of ACER laptop...

    You dont have to threaten them. You go and lodge a complaint if need arises. Since its under warranty, Acer has to replace the faulty parts. If say they cant or dont have the parts or old model or whatever, you tell them to give another model of the same value (since the 4820TG is discontinued...
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