You Have to Win the Game


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Downloads in link for Window, Mac and Linux, also on Steam

made short video of interesting bits. the gameplay is really frustrating.

It's a platformer, that looks like the original prince of persia or dave. The whole thing takes place in a big cave, and you have to go from room to room. The rooms and puzzles are well thought of. Crossing rooms requires a fluid, rapid movement with no breaks in confidence. Each level requires you to either get into a zone, study the patterns and move. Or brute force it by repeated attempts and getting lucky at some point. Gameplay is incredibly polished. Controls are tight. You need to suppress instincts and just ignore things flying around that can kill you, to do what you need to do. It has that limbo-esque mechanic of exploring, dying, then crossing properly. Going back and forth through the different rooms unlocks platforms. It has the same off beat, pop culture references filled sense of humor as the sign painter in world of goo (check out room names).
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