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Yahoo + Outlook / Thunderbird

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I am using Yahoo.co.in acount which comes with POP access... Now as I have configured yahoo in my Desktop email client face a problem...

When ever I dowload the emails from Yahoo, it seems they gets Deleted from Yahoo Web Mail inbox...

So, can any one help me, I would like to know how do i stop this, means I want to keep those emails at Yahoo Inbox even I use Outlook...

I tried at Yahoo mail option, but cant find any option which can solve this problem for me...

thank you...

Harsha !!!


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go to TOOLS>ACCOUNT SETTING>click on ur email ac>in change email account>click more setting>in internet email setting>press advnaced tab>check under delivery(LEAVE A COPY OF MESSAGE ON SERVER)

below u see 2 more options choose per as ur need
hope u ll get it now
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