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yahoo msgrnr virus!!

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how many of u gt infectd wth the yahoo msgrn virus tat just sends a virus msg to all ur frens in the list?
i gt infctd and my task manager has been blocked. when i press crt+alt+del they say "task manager has been blocked by administrator" ???
also in my Internet explorer, the default page has been set to "coolpixz.com" and the 'use blank' and all those buttons are deactive. so i cant change it.
can any help how to solve these problems??


I havt faced any such problem>but I hv heard abt this.Well,I m sure ur system is infected by sm virus.Do,full system scan with any two gud updated antispyware and one gud updated antivirus.If that doesnt solve,do a online scan at www.bitdefender.com


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A trusted frnd of mine got infected by this virus and I got msgs frm him. I didn't know abt the virus at that time so I clicked but I didn't get infected. Lucky me. I use avast. Do a full system scan or download hijackthis and post ur log file here.


Yes. This is called 'w32.KMeth' worm. This worm downloads and installs itself through infected website (java script). Then it replicates itself through Yahoo Messenger. It uses yahoo contact list and provides a infection link.


1.Download and Install Spybot
2.Scan entire system.

This should solve your problem.


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I too received that coolpixz link bt i puposely clicked on it bt nothing happend to my pc.
I too happen to use avast and i also use komodo firewall


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nitish_mythology said:
hmm.....so there is a yahoo mess virus too!!!!!!!!
There are many...

Every component or application on the Windows platform is susceptible to virus infection.


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the virus blocked my task manager. and the default page of my IE was fixed.

i delted the administrator account of my pc by creating a new one. and for nw the problems looks solved. i cna access my task manager and also changed the dfault page of IE.
also the file "svhost32 " that came in with the virus is also not there in the "processs".
nway thnx for ur posts.............
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