Yahoo extends Flickr with video

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Videos are shown on pages similar to photo pages, and videos can be embedded on other sites.

In a bid to broaden Flickr if not actually crush YouTube, Yahoo is adding videos to what has just been a photo-sharing site.

The change, which the company plans to launch publicly later Tuesday, is a modest but significant extension of Flickr's features. The videos, limited to 90 seconds and 150MB, will be shown as thumbnails alongside users' photos, and will inherit all the features of photos stored on the site: users can add comments, captions, comments, geotags, and privacy restrictions so only friends or family may view the videos, the company said.

The company sees the videos in effect as "long photos," moving snapshots people take now that digital cameras (except SLRs) can record video as well as still images, said spokeswoman Terrell Karlsten Neilson. The hope is to populate the site with "authentic" videos, not clips from last night's TV shows, and Yahoo will police the site for violations of the terms of service, added Flickr product manager Shanan Delp..



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Excellant move actually. This should promote the concept of moving picture. There are those moments sometimes which are not worth a 5 minutes video but you cannot capture it in a still pic too. A very small video would be best for such moments.
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