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yahoo booter

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Jack Sparrow
searched a lot but didnt found my answer..

i want to know how to use yahoo booter...i mean i was chatting with some guy on yahoo messenger and more than 50 windows with his id opens one after another....and my system goes slow....so how can i do this??


get the letest version of yahoo meseenger.I think they have fixed this bug.
If anyone uses older version,than just press shift+ctrl+R


Its no big deal, using a yahoo booter is nuthing but a lamer stuff to annoy ur friends and loose them! If latest yahoo version doesn't works either as a defence, then try "gaim" to chat.

Sukhdeep Singh

I think it is legal to share how booters work, if not MODS can delete my post :)

1. The Guy who is booting you has like 100-500+ Yahoo Email IDs which he creates using a ID MAKER
2. The ID's are loaded into the Booter. The Booter will than *login* those 200 Bots into Yahoo Servers.
3. He will than put in the *victim* id and command all those 100-200 bots to send a Message to you.
4. Since each bot will send Message, Yahoo Messenger will open 1 window for each Bot chat
5. Your PC is ****ed :D

Simple way to protect yourself > Go to Preferences and Turn on "Dont Allow Messages from Anyone not in my Friends List"

Since Message are not allowed from strangers, the *YO! DUDE BOOTER* guy is fuuuuuuus bomb :D
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