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  1. My PC Configuration is as follows:~
    Intel P4 2.8Ghz; Intel D865GBF MotherBoard; 512MB DDR RAM;

    Software Config:~
    Hard Drives: C(NTFS), D(NTFS), E, F(NTFS), G, H
    I have Windows 2000 on C Drive and Windows XP on D Drive. On November 19 evening, I installed Shareaza 2.2. Later at night I also used it. Till night everything was absolutely fine. When today I started my PC at 11.30 am and chose XP at the boot screen it said the following file is missing or corrupt:
    On pressing enter it rebooted and I am currently working through Windows 2000. Someone please help me immediately to recover from this problem as all my day-to-day work is concentrated on Win XP.
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    youve already posted this in another section
    please do not create multiple posts
    i understand how it feels when your computer malfunctions
    but by creating such double triple posts across the board
    would rather irritate someone who would want to help you
    and well its your loss you would miss an important point
    locking this one up
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