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XP files on 2 drives


Broken In
my system consists of 2 harddrives[160GB SATA+250 GB SATA].
i recently installed winXP x64.
during installation i formatted the primary partitions on both the drives and then installed it onto the 250GB's primary partition.
but now there are some windows files installed on the primary partition of the 160GB drive as well.
i wish to install win7 on the 160GB's primary partition in dual boot config with the existing winXP.
is this possible?

this is my actual system drive[250gb]:

and this is the primary drive on the 160gb

Config: core2duoE7300; intel DG43NB; kingston 2GB[800Mhz]; seagate baracuda160gb+seagate baracuda 250gb; vip 500watt
Ya, the installer will ask you to format the partition. Format it and install win7 on it. It will automatically show xp boot option at the win7 bootloader.
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