Xing player doesnt play files?

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hello every one

i have xingMPEG player 3.2 [along with xing driver] but it doesnt play any of the files if i choose to play with xing it shows this message

"The xingMPEG driver is currently busy. please close all Mpeg files in any other application and try again""

if i dont open any application then also it doest play,,,if i retart my computer and without opening any application and try to play xing then also shows same message,,,,and also it doesnt uninstall,,,if i try remove frm add remove or by uninstall icon it shows nothing and doest install

as i had few files which plays in xing i need the solution to play the files plz help me
thanking evry one


Firstly which files do u want to play .... i can suggest alternate players accordingly ...

secondly ... try reinstallin XING player on the same location ... let it replace the files when asked ...

get back after doing this

try installin the latest version of the same ... dont know which one is latest now though
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