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X-RAY knowledge

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Hi Guyz!!!!
Actually i am shifting to an international location, so I am taking my Desktop PC with me. And I am gonna disassemble my pc except for the cpu and mobo. I only wanted to know that during the customs checking they check they pass the baggages through X-RAY machines, So does it harms any PC component in any way. Please do tell me!!!


I dont think X rays affect computer parts. Read it somewhere on toms hardware forum....but be sure u mention that to airport authorities.


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Those security scans use low-powered X-rays that will not harm humans, much less common computer hardware. Don't worry.


I brought a motherboard, two processors, Ram and a laptop from US without any issue. It was scanned by X ray.


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my lappy was bought n brought from us too 6 months ago n of course it came through two customs checking as usual...but no probs here


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hard disks do get affected-
It will be enlightening for all of us if you backed that up with hard evidence.

I and many friends have had all kinds of computer hardware, including hard disks, pass through airport security X-rays many times without ill effect.

If you have evidence or have read a reliable account of an adverse effect caused by security X-rays, post them here so that others can judge the risks for themselves. Otherwise, such claims can cause unnecessary anxiety.
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