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www.GAMESININDIA.com-India's Games Website - Soon Launching.

Discussion in 'Gamerz' started by vickymustdie, Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. vickymustdie

    vickymustdie New Member

    Mar 3, 2004
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    Hi Guys,

    I'm around DIGIT Forums since little time now and came up with an idea. You may also say that i've got inspired by thread posted by Panu at IGDA.org website : http://www.igda.org/Forums/showthre...?threadid=9564 As I'm not a Game Developer myself but i do play lot of PC games.

    I'm soon gonna launch a new website say : www.gamesinindia.com. Gamesinindia will deal with every aspects of Game Development by mean of Tutorials, Guides, Articles, Techniques, Softwares, Forums and all.... specially for Indian audience who wants to explore the World of Games and wanna get in Game Arena. The major concept behind Gamesinindia is To Spread Awareness about Game Development in India.

    I've done a brief homework for this website since last 8 months. As Designing part is almost completed but Development part is on rise.....

    I'm expecting help / Suggestions from all you guys.... As 'm the only person behind www.Gamesinindia.com.

    Looking forward to launch the website by 1st May 2006.

    Wish me all the best......:)

    Believe me, I'm Improving........
  2. i will cross my fingers and wish u all the best.
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