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Hi Friends,

I want to play a WWE games but there are many games based on WWE for example WWE RAW etc.

Among all the games (based on WWE) which one is best. So that, it entertain me a lot.

The game must have many shots that I can use to fight with the fighter and it must also contain almost every fighter such as Undertaker, The Great Khali etc.

Plz reply me ASAP.

With Regards,


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There is only one decent wwe game for PC i.e WWE Raw.Buy this game and you can find the update patch with latest roster on the net.

I hate piracy.:mad:


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Unfortunately for the PC there aren't "many" WWE titles available.The only one which I can think of is WWF RAW which was the last title from THQ.Some also say that a sequel RAW 2 has released but that's just WWF RAW repackaged with a new roster.If you are looking for a quality WWE title then it's only available on the Playstation 2.Most of the Smackdown titles are a huge hit on that console.The best WWE title I have played till date must be WWE Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain for the Playstation 2.So if you are looking out for WWE on the PC then my advice is DON'T.


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If u have a ps2,buy smackdown vs raw series(in my opinion s vs raw 2006 followed by 2007 version).

Dont buy the one for PC.It sucks big time..


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yeah undertaker,rikishi,mark henry all look cool in SD2 and you can make 10sd caws superstars using memory card but i dont know if it works on pc.i still prefer SD1 undertaker looks satan and big shows simply stunning.
man those good old days from PS1


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You can play Playstation X's smackdown 2 on your PC.:p
Ah yes indeed.Why didn't I think about it? It will work brilliantly using the Epsxe emulator & will kick WWF Raw's rear end given any day.;)

BTW What's Playstation X? I thought there was only Playstation & PSone.:D
If you have a good config, go downloading pcsx2 (a ps2 emulator) and get Raw vs Smacdown 2006, i guarantee that it will work... but don't ask me how to.. bcoz i saw thae game and played in my friend's pc not mine. also, i hate wwe and wwe games. :D:D


wwe raw (PC)

wwe (PS1) rocks


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Promise me one thing....that you'll be a regular poster..:D :D :D
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