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WTB Mid-range smartphone ~20k


Need a phone for my mom with the following usages:


Reason for going for a smartphone is all good cameras are seen only in flagships or their baby versions. Since the upgrade is from a Nokia C7, battery life is also important which sucks in Android and post iP4S devices.

Open to any platform which offers a good camera and battery life. I was contemplating a Galaxy grand or Nokia Lumia 620 / 720 but I do not remember the limitations of Nokia but I don't think it will matter much.

Budget: ~ 20k


Well u can go for iphone4..with the recent offer going on..it is good vfm..plus a very good camera and superb battery life..i myself own one so i can vouch for that!!
only con now is that its a pretty old flagship device..and the other cons that u may already know abt iOS..but its easy to live with them..

of if u want android then xperia L or lg L9
if u want windows then htc8s or lumia 720/620
if u are fine with indian brands then do take a look at x1000 from xolo..awesome looks with a decent camera and average battery!!


Go for Nokia Lumia 720. Battery Backup & Camera Performance is far better then L620 & all other mid range droids :)


My mom will get an iPhone 4 in august. This is a second phone, hence the iP has been ruled out.

Even I am contemplating the Nokia Lumia 620


u can also get xperia L for around 18k or if u can stretch ur budget a little then go for xperia sp....beats everything in that price range!!!
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