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writing image on dvd

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hi guys
somedays ago i was tryin 2 write an iso image 3.7 gb on a dvd. i successfully writted it but my pc is not recognizing it. it not even shows what it contains & tells it 2 be free space.what should i do now.plz tell me the way of writing images.


Broken In
select the option : burn image to disk : (dont select write files) and then check the "verify contents" box. this is the case of nero


The way of writing image...!!!!

Just insert a blank disc in drive, double click on image file and wait until the tray comes out itself.

Yes, of course your computer should have Nero..............!!!!!!!

As you said you have once burned ur disc but computer didn't find or recognize it. It means that your disc is still blank............!!!!:-?


King of my own Castle
Either you wrote it only in simulation mode and didint actually write it. Or the DVD media you are using is currupted.
To write , any Software is good though Nero is generally Easy of the lot in terms of interferace.
Try changing the media and see. Also be sure whatever you are writting on the DVD is not itself currupted file bacause you will only be wasting the Precious DVD Media's.
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