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WOW! Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is Awsome!!!

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oh man.. jst awesome..the only thing that i would like to add in is that the game got completed in 2 days.. may be in some 12 hours i guess..the movies were jst awesome.. i jst fell in love with the snow scooter and the gulag stage :) .. once you enter into the 1st stage where we provide a demo to some of the soldiers, you will jst be blown away with the activities that are going on around you.. be it the army activity such as the choppers going around or be it the soldiers playing basketball on your way.. i was jst wondering how these guys(game developers) do such stuff man.. ny way if u r yet to grab your piece, believe me.. u gotta play the game


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^He ain't askin' how to engage it, but where to find the gun with heartbeat sensor.

when i played i had the gun already provided
press one (1) to cycle thru ur guns u get an auto rifle n just press 3
was tht simple for me
Posted again:
will the retail copy @1299 provide online multiplayer gameplay
plz someone confirm :/
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I wont say it sucks if compared to the previous version. Gfx is better but storyline is short. As such, I have already completed it in Veteran mode... So now I am left with nothing.

Wow! I think I had better spend that money on Dragon Age: Origins then - it will literally give me 100s of game hours :D - Plus, there is no question of MP for me with a crappy 256kbps connection.

BTW, does the MW2 require you to associate it with your Steam account in order to play?


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i brought this few days back regarding its hype...and to my horror i am totally disappointed.
The game story if utterly nonsence and gameplay is typically same and very few changes and additions from the original title few times back. This game is very small regarding the campaign. And only two missions one in the mountains and other at the end of killing general was somewhat good. Other than that the game has nothing of value. And i think they are going to have MW3 around 2012. If its going to be same junk ill definately put it aside, i should have kept the money and waited for Mass Effect 2 for PC or God of War3 for my PS3. i am totally disappointed.
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