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WMP doesnt add any files to the library!

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I just installed WMP 11 Beta 2 and then rearranged my music folder.

Previously the music folder was this way:
Music > All files
(All mp3s in one place, sort in detail view by artists.)

After I rearranged manually:
Music > Artist > Album > Files

Now the problem is, since the Library already present in WMP 11 was all going wrong (File missing obviously) I deleted the all the items and tried to make WMP 11 detect them again.

But nothing happens, it just doesnt add ANY file, even though I have ticked on the "Add files that were previously deleted ~" it doesnt add any file though it shows me 260~ files found, it adds NONE!

What can I do now? I desperately need a library. :confused:

I also tried deleting the library index file under my user profile but to no avail, the problem persists. :cry:

Note: Dont recommend me any other player, I have em all installed too, I need WMP!


Wise Old Owl
@Qwerty, the problem is WMP has already written an music library index file to disk.
Now you rearranged the files. If you load WMP, it starts looking at the path from it's
library index file!!! Since you have changed the file location, it can't find the files at
the path specified in the library!! There is a hidden directory where WMP has a backup
of the library index file. I forgot that directory path. @Vishal will be able to help you


Commander in Chief
I guess you're right since it adds new folders [Got Disturbed, Pussycat Dolls and Ronan Keating and they appeared] I had deleted the library index file actually, now how do I make one again? Vishal!

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
I'm not sure, but u can try this:

Goto following folder: (Just copy paste the following URL in Explorer address bar)

%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player\

And delete the file CurrentDatabase_360.wmdb.

It should reset the Media Library. :)


spice it up
it happend 2 me too but it showed me all my files after sometime coz it was actually findin files in background...so i suggest u wait n watch though it doesnt take much of a time.
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