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WinVistaClub offering free subscription of paid antivirus

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Choto Cheeta

Hey our friend Anand seems be offering free subscription by the way...


WVC said:
WinVistaClub in association with Emsi Software GmbH is pleased to offer the members of the WinVistaClub, the PAID Version Of A-Squared Anti Malware absolutely FREE !

There are many anti-virus & anti-spyware software products but only a few of them can claim to provide effective protection from ALL types of Malware. A-Squared Anti-Malware 3.5 from Emsi Software, is one such product which keeps its promise of protecting your Computer from all type of malware. a-squared Anti-Malware does not identify damaging software purely on the basis of signatures, but also looks at how it behaves. This means that you will be protected from the hundreds of new Trojans, Backdoors, Keylogger, Rootkits, Worms, Dialers, Spyware, Adware, Hijacker, Tracking Cookies, Riskware, Spyware Traces, etc, that appear every day. Moreover, a-squared Anti-Malware also includes a Cookie Blocker & HijackFree. But like all good things, it costs - US$ 39.95 for a years license.

But as a WinVistaClub Member, you will be entitled to a 12 month FULL license of this product absolutely FREE ! The offer includes full version upgrades within the license time, and support too.

Registered members of this forum will be sent a Coupon Code by PM or e-mail on 1st Aug 2008. In case you wish to register now, click HERE.

This Coupon Code will be valid from 1st August 2008 to 2nd August 2008, your local time, only. That is, the offer will be valid for both dates 1st & 2nd Aug only, from 00:00 New Zealand/Japan to 23:59 Alaska time. So make sure you activate your product during this time.

Download the product A-Squared Anti-Malware (Trial) 3.5 from HERE.

Install it on your Computer.

The setup wizard during installation will ask you to create a user account.

Use the same e-mail id used to register at this forum, for creating the account.

You will then be e-mailed a password, by Emisoft.

Login with the e-mail password.

Click the "Convert Coupon Code" link at the bottom of the screen and enter the coupon code, which you have received from us. Please do not share this personal code with anyone.

Follow the wizard instructions to the end.

The software will then complete its installation and will remain protecting your PC.

For any support queries please contact support@emsisoft.com

This offer is made BY Emsi Software GmbH FOR the members of the WinVistaClub Forum only.

Enjoy ! :)


The Devil
I'm not sure if I should trust this AV, but anyway, congrats to anand for entering into a partnership with the AV company.


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Thanx for posting. a-squared is not an anti virus, its, as the name suggests and anti-spyware+. Another review by download.com.

http://virusscan.jotti.org/ uses it too. I consider it as one of the better anti-mal too. In fact its trojan detection capabilities are by far one of the best.

Hope you've heard of NOD32 ;) Am offering its Eset Security Suite too, free. Just posted about that today.


The Frozen Nova
ESET rocks. Anand, I am there to take the key. Thanks

It's conditional
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