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Windows Xp pro. not installing in my pc HELP!!! PLZ =(


Why can't you run an extensive disk check from win 7.
Does your system board have sata HDD or PATA/IDE?


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OMG guys that worked :D i just searched on the internet that how to fix bad sectors and found that win7 has builtin option for error checking for hard disk[ as gollum also said] so i just started it it showed me bunch of the errors and also fixed them so after that i tried running winxp setup on that hard disk on which i ran error checking and VOILLA it worked . i love you guys <3 [ m not gay btw] without you guys i would have never know that it was due to bad sectors on my hard disk <3 :D. and whitestar_999 i was already checking it about a week and the values of yellow attributes is not increasing :) i think i just need to start error checking tool on all the partition of my hard disk so it will fix them too :). and thank you whitestar_999 , rijinpk1 and Gollum and also all those who repplied you guys rock. =D <3 and also sorry for my bad english :x


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glad to know your problem is solved. however keep an eye on "pending sector count." . if it increases rapidly, then time to rma.dont be late then ,otherwise you will loose all the data.


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@ OP - test your HDD with WDs data lifeguard tool [ dos version ] .. run an extended test and fix anything it finds.
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