Windows Vista Beta 2 Public Download Available Now!

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Direct Links

• Windows Vista Beta 2, English 32-Bit Edition

• Windows Vista Beta 2, English 64-Bit Edition

How to get your Vista Beta 2 key View here:

Go to the Windows Vista site to sign up for your serial or order your DVD package
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How goo it would be Digit gives it free dowload on a DVD or on its own DVD

Mr. Digit PLZ PLZ Give It Free


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Nice job man.Thanks for giving those links.
I think it's better to order the CD than to download it!!


robin345 said:
So you spend Rs 700 for the Beta version only huh
Yeah 'cause It's better than to get a new mobo including lateset graphic card and minimum 1 Gb of ram for somthing you don't really know what it is. Think of it maybe I won't like Vista and would turn back to XP then what's with upgrading ma PC huh? So I wanna check this new OS before I make my mind to upgrade it.;)


just for the records, it is the same built relesed last month to WinHec & MSDN subscribers


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Ok you're going to spend Rs 700/- for that CD/DVD . Don't you feel like that digit can give this to us in an .iso form to us.


Are the links working ? Can somebody please try them and let me know. I tried all the links and they failed to open.
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