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Windows Attack Code Published in Internet

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Broken In
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Computer code that exploits a "critical" vulnerability in Windows has been released on the internet, prompting Microsoft to issue a security advisory.
The attack code takes advantage of a flawed Windows routing and remote access component for which Microsoft released a patch two weeks ago, the company said in its advisory published late on Friday. The company is not aware of any actual cyber attacks that use the exploit code, it said.
Microsoft said: "An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could take complete control of the affected system."

It urges users to apply the fix delivered with security bulletin MS06-025, which will remove the vulnerability. "We have confirmed that the exploit code does not affect users who have installed the update," Microsoft said.
However, the MS06-025 fix can interfere with a certain dial-up networking connections, Microsoft said last week. The company advised people who use dial-up scripting or terminal window features not to install the security update while it works on a revised patch. That revision is still in the works, a Microsoft representative said on Monday.

The MS06-025 update was one of a dozen security bulletins that Microsoft released two weeks ago. At least one patch came after the vulnerability it addressed had already been exploited in a cyber attack. Exploits for some other flaws have also been released, further increasing the urgency to patch


Wise Old Owl
So until Microsoft develops a patch that works fine for dial-up users, they are at high-risk!! Too many vulnerabilities,
too many patches to fix. The viruses & other malicious software take full control of the Windows OS. The ordeals
for a Windows user never ever end!! Better move to Linux & relax and have a cup of coffee!!


JGuru said:
relax and have a cup of coffee!!

Hahhaa Right said dood ! I donno why they keep making new versions of WIN OS. Donno why they released Xp PRO? It shud be Xp beta....hahahaha. They shud have called Xp Pro after all the bugs have been fixed! Now they'll release Vista and the vicious circle and endless cycle of release,update,patch,realese will continue !!
Its only their graphic part that enhances in each release ! Security bugs remain in all !!

Neways its a nice OS !!


The pWnster
Zeeshan Quireshi said:
well linux isn't actually virus free , it's that most hackers target windows as most ppl use it .

chances of getting affected with a virus in linux is negligible compared with windows


microsft works that way,
they always act upon a bug when it is known to many. rather they should hire some ethical hackers to find the bug and the patch it before released on the net.
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