Windows 7 to be officially named... Windows 7

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Microsoft is expected to be handing out pre-betas of Windows 7 to devs at WinHEC and PDC soon, and it looks like it's settled on an official name for its next-gen OS -- ahem, Windows 7. Yep, the code name is the real name, which is a first for Windows. According to Mike Nash on the Vista blog, the company went with Windows 7 because it "just makes sense" as the seventh release of Windows, and MS doesn't want to come up with a new "aspirational" name like Vista -- it "doesn't do justice" to the goal of staying "firmly rooted" in the ideas of Vista.


What name would you have given to the next version of Windows?


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Argh, the excessive quotes in the paragraph. I hate both Giz and Engadget.

But Windows 7 sounds so odd, ossseven... :p


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No. Its an evolved version of Windows 7 - expected to be a much more refined version of Vista.
I think its a good move by Microsoft - going back to the basics, sends the right signal.


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so essentially both are same or is win 7 gonna act like vista sp2 ?????

BTW, windows 7 is a nice name :)

so essentially both are same or is win 7 gonna act like vista sp2 ?????

BTW, windows 7 is a nice name :)
windows 7 will have many new features... like sensors. Also it will have IE8, WMP 12, and new microsoft paint.....and many more.
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Nice, Windows 7 sounds adept and upto the point and very professional. Good.

Personally I would have named it Windows Vyacheslavovich for the peppy flavour.

It is destined to be the best ever OS on the planet, though I would love to see some OS from non-Earthly segments in this lifetime.


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x3060... yeah, a LOT of people are thinking along the same lines as windows 7 being a glorified vista SP2. Vista is about twenty times more secure than XP, but twenty times more bugging as well. The interface is horrible.
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