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Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit FS....

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~ Harshdeep ~
Hello everybody ..
I am having Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Sealed with serial key sticker original. I have received it from Dell as a free upgrade when i purchased my new laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium. DVD is fully packed and as it is send by Dell. Its price is near about Rs6500/-
Anybody who is intersted to buy it please reply me. For your clarification i would like to tell you that it is a genuine edition and one has to be need to activate it from internet, a genuine Microsoft Product.


King of my own Castle
You sure that the thing will work on other computers and brands.Last time one of my friend got upgrade pack for Vista and it refused to work with anything other than HP laptop..


It wont work on other systems. And it is only an upgrade from Vista to 7, valid only on select Dell systems... Hence, it will be useless to anybody else, AFAIK.



Locking the thread, for even if it is not locked for dell, it is an upgrade key, and might need vista in first place. You need to be sure of what you're selling here.
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