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WiFi is no longer a viable secure connection

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WiFi is no longer a viable secure connection

WiFi is no longer secure enough to protect wireless data.

Global Secure Systems has said that a Russian's firm's use of the latest NVidia graphics cards to accelerate WiFi ‘password recovery' times by up to an astonishing 10,000 per cent proves that WiFi's WPA and WPA2 encryption systems are no longer enough to protect wireless data.

David Hobson, managing director of GSS, claimed that companies can no longer view standards-based WiFi transmission as sufficiently secure against eavesdropping to be used with impunity. He also said that the use of VPNs is arguably now mandatory for companies wanting to comply with the Data Protection Act.

He said: “This breakthrough in brute force decryption of WiFi signals by Elcomsoft confirms our observations that firms can no longer rely on standards-based security to protect their data. As a result, we now advise clients using WiFi in their offices to move on up to a VPN encryption system as well.

“Brute force decryption of the WPA and WPA2 systems using parallel processing has been on the theoretical possibilities horizon for some time - and presumably employed by relevant government agencies in extreme situations - but the use of the latest NVidia cards to speedup decryption on a standard PC is extremely worrying.

“The $64,000 question, of course, is what happens when hackers secure a pecuniary advantage by gaining access to company data flowing across a WPA or WPA2-encrypted wireless connection. Will the Information Commissioner take action against the company concerned for an effective breach of the Data Protection Act.
I R Wire fanboy :twisted:
Well, not exactly a fanboy, but yeah, since I used to be damn intrested in electricals a few years back, almost all the connections were done by me in my house personally, and since my mind was too dumb to understand wifi or bluetooth when I was a 13 year old, my room is a clutter of wires.


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And who would run 100 G280 cores to parallel process a brute force WPA2 cracking program? Get real guys, the average user (like me and you) are still safe!


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yes u r right ......... wired connections seem 2 b more secured than wireless 1`s .......


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The software which manages the parallel processing task and the brute force crack starts from 499$ and the highest end of the software costs 5000$(read so in Engadget).

So common people like u and me are safe. Nobody would spend so much money to know what common people are doing.

So, dont worry, be happy.


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^^ :lol:

I am a wire-lover as well. Wire is more reliable in many cases. Plus for Networking in general, wire proves to be faster.


Well, its a worry for big companies and other organizations.

Individuals are generally safe. the most important thing is Keep your network on only when you are using it, else turn it off.

In my area i see atleast 3 unsecured wifi networks, all of them are bsnl broadband connections. what worse is that people don't know that there router is wireless capable.


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^^^ This is true. I've seen this myself. BSNL should start giving out the wireless routers with pre-configured wpa/2 keys and train its technicians to enable wep/wpa/2 on client computers.
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