why u like firefox

Why u like Mozilla Firefox

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I use FF only because of its amusing Extensions and Themes.
You can't name speed if u r using extensions. It becomes so heavy with extensions when it launches.

For speed I think IE8 is going good (not tried Opera though, and Safari and Chrome)


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Yes.. IE8 is very good in terms of speed when compared to IE6 and 7. But not as fast as OTHERS. I like FireFox because it is open source.

But for me opera is still The King.


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i use firefox because I got bored of IE and Chrome and Opera. once i get bored of FF, i might turn to opera or IE8 :)


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Nothin' beats Opera 10 with Turbo. Super-fast. As Vamsi said, I'm supportin' FF 'cause it's an open source and has great themes!


why u like firefox :
1. extensions
2. using since 4 years, used to it
3. IE is not available for linux
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